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Our Mission

<aside> ✨ We create blockchain protocol-driven games that LAST FOREVER.


Our Team

⛓️ Chainkemists is a startup building new and unconventional gaming experiences made only possible by blockchain technology. We firmly believe that cryptographic protocols will usher in a new era of online gaming experiences that are community owned and governed, resilient, composable, open-source, and can ultimately LAST FOREVER. We are a team of gaming industry veterans excited to unlock a new future. We are looking for driven and passionate individuals who want to shape that new future with us.

Our Values

Build for Longevity

<aside> 📜 Traditional online gaming has generally required a dependence on centralized services with no mechanisms in place to prevent a possible shutdown. Every gamer can share a story of their favorite online game shutting down. We believe blockchain technology has opened up a new path for online gaming experiences that can last forever.


Fun First, Multiplayer and Communal Experiences

<aside> 🎮 We want to create fun, multiplayer and communal experiences that are accessible to the widest possible audience.

We are not here to gatekeep our games behind thousand dollar paywalls. Most blockchain games have skipped to financialization while forgetting to make a game that is fun for all players.


Player Owned and Player Driven

<aside> 💾 Blockchain gaming enables true player ownership and open player driven economies. Players can freely transact with each other via open systems and peer to peer marketplaces. Traditional gaming has been locked behind marketplaces with extractive fees and prohibitive designs. Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) will enable and facilitate new modes of incentive aligned collaboration between players, content creators, and developers.

We 👀 Nouns DAO.

Nouns DAO


Open Source, Open IP, Open Culture

<aside> 📖 We believe open source will be key to fostering in a new era of gaming innovation. Many of the most innovative titles of our time began their life as mods made possible by access to developer tools and source code. Open source ideals have moved into most areas of technology but has seemingly stalled out in game development. Similarly, we believe the next generation of brands and IP will be built on the same principles to encourage user generated content, remixing, mods, and ultimately a more open and inclusive culture.

We ❤️ MIT license.

We 💚 CC0.

When we share, everyone wins - Creative Commons

We 📖 learned from the Quake source.


Decentralized and Composable

<aside> 🌐 We believe in contributing towards the building blocks of gaming and blockchains. We want our contributions to live on and be used by others and are equally excited to build upon what others have shared. Together we can develop an ecosystem that is fun for players, builders and our communities.

We 🪄 Loot.


We 🚀 Dark Forest.

Dark Forest